Inventory Management

Generate PDF with Invoice/Bill

Generate customized PDF for Invoice/Bill that can be shared with Customers/Vendors.

Payments Management

  • Receive/Make PaymentsReceive/Make Payments linked to Invoice and Bills
  • Manage Store CreditsStore credits can be issued for returns or additional credits based on multiple criteria.
  • Manage DiscountsDiscounts can be applied directly using Chart of Accounts(COA) either during Invoice/Bill creation or during payments.

Accounts Reconciliation

Using double verification, all payments can be reconciled based on Bank Statement.

Manufacturing support

  • Support for Product AssemblyInvoice/Bill support direct sale/purchase of preconfigured Product assembly. Later during Manufacturing stage, each assembled product can have unique Serial Number and Warranty information.
  • Just In Time (JIT) supportWith Just In Time (JIT) support, reduce Inventory Storage costs, and procure items only when required, with sufficient items on hand.

Manage Costs Effectively

With well organized data, managing all sales and purchases efficiently will help control organization costs